Lined Pipe Fittings

Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE / FEP / PFA / PVDF Lined Pipe Fittings For Corrosion Resistance Application

Lined pipes fittings supplied with Isostatic, Paste extruded, or Ram extruded molding.

ICON offers PTFE / FEP / PFA / PVDF lined Pipes. They are used for highly corrosive chemicals where higher alloy materials are costlier than lined ones, thus protecting the expensive equipment, extending the life of it and assuring superior performance.

The material selection for fluorocarbons lining of Pipes will depend on working conditions like chemical and mechanical characteristics of the fluid flowing inside the pipe, valves, temperature, etc.

Range of PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

1. PTFE Lined Elbow 90

Lined Elbows or Bends are for diverting the lines in 45 degrees or 90 degree or required angles. Generally used diversions are 45 & 90 degrees, but Bends can also be made for 30 degrees & 120 degrees on demand.

2. PTFE Lined Elbow 45

45 Degree Bends / Elbows are used in piping for diverting the lines at an angle of 45 degree

3. PTFE Lined Equal Tee

PTFE Lined Tees are available in different size range as per the catalog & are used to divert the flow in two different directions. It can also be used as a header for diversion on a single flowing line.

4. PTFE Lined Unequal Tee

Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE, FEP, PFA or PVDF Lined Unequal Tee For Corrosion Resistance Application

5. PTFE Lined Concentric Reducers

Reducers are important fittings to reduce the flowing lines in different sizes. it can be concentric or eccentric as per the requirement.

6. PTFE Lined Eccentric Reducers

Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE, FEP, PFA or PVDF Lined Eccentric Reducer For Corrosion Resistance Application

7. PTFE Lined Cross

Lined Cross supplied with Isostatic, Paste extruded, or Ram extruded molding

8. PTFE Lined Reducing Flange

Reducing plates or flanges are compact reducers which can be sandwiched between any two fittings & easy reduction can be achieved in a compact space.

9. Lined Y Type Strainer

Strainers are placed in the pipeline to remove/filer out the impurities from the flowing liquid and hence protects the equipment from damage. Strainers are used in conjunction with valves and other accessorises.

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