Lined Accessoires

Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE Lined Accessories

PTFE Lined Instrument Tee-PTFE Lined Sparger-PTFE Lined Dip Pipe-PTFE Lined Angular Dip Pipe

ICON offers PTFE, FEP, PFA or PVDF lined Accessories which are used in conjunction with lined valves and fittings. They are used for highly corrosive chemicals where higher alloy materials are costlier than lined ones, thus protecting the expensive equipment, extending the life of it and assuring superior performance.

The material selection for fluorocarbons lining of Pipes will depend on working conditions like chemical and mechanical characteristics of the fluid flowing inside the pipe, valves, temperature, etc.

Range of PTFE Lined Accessories

1. PTFE Lined Instrument Tee

Instrument Tee’s are used to incorporate instrumentation products in the line, such as Sensors, Pressure gauges, Thermowells, etc.

2. PTFE Lined Sparger

Spargers are used for Sparging Process required in some of the Chemical Process, where Gas is introduced from the Sparger.

3. PTFE Lined Dip Pipe

PTFE-Lined Dip Pipes are used for the corrosive feeding media into the reactors. Available with Stright Pipe and Angular Pipe


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    ICON also supplies PTFE Lined Valves, Lined Pipe Fittings and Lined Y Strainer to be used in conjunction with Lined Accessories.