Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE / FEP / PFA / PVDF Lined Equal Tee For Corrosion Resistance Application

Equal Tee is supplied with Isostatic, Paste extruded, or Ram extruded molding.

  • ICON offers PTFE / FEP / PFA / PVDF Lined Equal Tee. PTFE Lined Tees are available in different size range as per the catalog & are used to divert the flow in two different directions. It can also be used as a header for diversion on a single flowing line.
  • Lined Tees are used for highly corrosive chemicals where higher alloy materials are costlier than lined ones, thus protecting the expensive equipment, extending the life of it and assuring superior performance.
  • The material selection for fluorocarbons lining of Lined Tee will depend on working conditions like chemical and mechanical characteristics of the fluid flowing inside the Tee.
  • It is used by the leading Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug manufacturers.
  • ICON also supplies PTFE Lined Valves, Lined Pipe Fittings and accessories like PTFE Lined Instrument Tee, Lined Sparger, Flow Indicator and Lined Y Strainer to be used in conjunction with lined Pipe and Valves.
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Cross Section View of Line Equal Tee


Description And Technical Data of Lined Equal Tee

1TEE PIPEASTM A 234 grade WPB, ANSI B 16.9,Sch 40 upto 150 NB,Sch 30 upto 250 NB & Sch 20 for 300 NB.1
2FLANGESMS Plate Flanges As per IS2062, ASA 150# 1 Fix & 1 Loose3
3PTFE LINERS Isostatic Molded with Std. Resin as per ASTM D 1457 White, PFA Lined to ASTM D 3307 / OR FEP Lined to ASTM D 2116 or Equivalent1
4TESTING & INSPECTIONSpark tested for 10 KV & Hydro tested at 10 kg/cm2 & painted with 2 coates of Red Oxide Primer 
5PRESSURE RATINGVacuume to 6 kg/cm2 
6TEMP. RATING (-)29 °C TO 260° C 

Dimensions of Lined Equal Tee

CLASS – 150 #
O / D O / DT1T1Vaccume (T)Non Vacc (T)(kg / piece)
1/2″—–—–8935.160.514. x 1/2″2.5
3/4″—-—-9842.969.915.727.23.03.04 x 1/2″3.2
1″898910850.879. x 1/2″5.5
1 1/4″959511863.588.918.730.24.03.04 x 1/2″6.0
1 1/2″10210212773.298.620.532.54.03.04 x 1/2″9.5
2″11411415291.9120.722. x 1/2″11.5
2 1/2″127127178104.6139.725.440.44.03.04 x 5/8″13.0
3″140140191127152.427.942.94.03.04 x 5/8″19.5
4″165165229157.2190.528.943.94.53.08 x 5/8″24.0
5″191191254185.7215.928.943.96.05.08 x 3/4″29.0
6″203203279215.9241.330.445.46.05.08 x 3/4″45.0
8″229229343269.7298.533.448.46.05.08 x 3/4″68.0
10″419419406323.936235.750.77.55.012 x 7/8″100.0
12″483483483381431.837.852.87.55.012 x 7/8″150.0